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Frequently asked questions

The competition draw type is stated on the entry page for each competition – the competition type will instruct the date of the draw. All draws will take place live on our Facebook page.

  • Guaranteed Draws

This type of draw is guaranteed to take place at the specified time regardless of how many tickets are sold. The date and time is stated on the entry page for each competition. 

  • Secured Draws

This type of draw will take place two weeks after tickets sales reach 50%. 

Traditional draws:

Every one of our traditional draws can be watched live via our Facebook page for everyone to see. We use a random number generator to determine the winner. We prove we are live by reading out comments and answering customer queries as we go. If a traditional draw does not sell out and the first number generated is unsold, we will generate a new number until we have a winner.

Instant wins:

Instant win competitions are won by receiving a ticket number that matches a number on the list of pre determined prizes. If your ticket numbers match any of the numbers on the list of prizes, you will instantly win that prize! 

All allocated numbers are generated at random, so everyone has an equal chance.

Instant win competitions have predetermined prizes with numbers allocated to them at the time the competition launches. If you buy a ticket into a competition with instant wins and one or more of your ticket numbers match the list of predetermined numbers, you will win the prize(s) allocated to it. 

We are fully registered limited company in the UK. We run ‘skill and chance’ prize draws which are fully compliant with the Gambling act of 2005. We are offering 

We have 5 star reviews on Trustpilot which are built up from both winners and customers that play regular competitions. 

We run all of our draws live on our Facebook page for everyone to watch.

We never cancel orders manually. Your order will show as cancelled if you did not complete the payment, or if your payment failed. Orders are automatically cancelled after 1 hour if we do not receive a successful payment.

We send out SMS, emails and app notification to all customers who register with us as part of our core service.

• To stop SMS notifications: Use the Opt out link on the SMS – this will unsubscribe you from all of our SMSs.
• To stop Email notifications: Use the Unsubscribe on the bottom of the emails you receive.
• To stop receiving app notifications: You can do this on your device settings or by removing the app. This is not something we can control from our end.